Rob's Lawn Stars 

Lawn and landscape management

June 1: We believe that the best way to improve your soil quality at this point is to bed your lawn with 1/8 inch of compost. At an additional cost, we can also add another organic fertilizer.(part of 5 step fertilization program)

June, July, and August: Although it is suggested, irrigation of 1 inch of water is to be applied per week, or at your discretion.

August 30: 2nd treatment of corn gluten is applied to the lawn.

Mid-October: Lawn stars will provide an end of season organic fertilization.(part of 5 step program). This process is the most crucial for seeking success in your lawn the next year. Although it may not seem like it, the Fall before the winter freeze comes is the MOST crucial time to manage your lawn. The fertilization process helps provide resiliency and successful spring growth!

Your natural lawn care calendar

March/April: Lawn stars will begin to clean up property and test the pH level of your soil.

April 1-15: Lawn stars will apply our all natural and organic corn gluten fertilizing product. Corn gluten is extremely rich with Nitrogen and helps to improve lawn quality, and more importantly, prevents growth of new weeds (dandellions, crab grass, clovers)  

May 1: Lawn stars will pull already existing weeds from lawn

Last two weeks of May:

1. pull remaining weeds

2. Professional aeration and dethatchment process

3.Lawn stars will begin to overseed your lawn. This process helps establish new grass seeds to grow and a establish a richer and greener lawn. This part of the process requires our lawn stars to regularly maintain your irrigation systems for 30 days.

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