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Rob's Lawn Stars 

Lawn and landscape management

At Lawn Stars, our mission is to not only please our clients, but to impact our entire surrounding community. We pursue to create value in our world by developing eco friendly and beautiful vistas throughout OUR community. This is what we care about and what we aspire to do.

Robert Brandstetter, owner

Green runs through my veins. I have had a true passion for lawn care dating back to the summer before 6th grade. I would beg my dad to cut our lawn and one day, my neighbor asked me to cut her lawn. Thats where it all started.

I am currently a business student at Temple University and manage my time commuting back and forth. Other than lawn care and landscaping, my other paasion rests in business development, sales, and strategy. I remember back when me and my cousin were about 6 we would sell lemonade. One day, we ran out. That didn't stop us. We gladly found an oppurtunity in the rock and pinecone business. Although, we weren't as successful in this venture, it proved our unique sense of salesmanship, even as young children.

What really made me start Lawn Stars was my research in how lawn care companies can impact our world. We can all make a difference. I believe that with our passionate lawn star team, we can impact and innovate the landscaping industry. We aim to provide the best lawn care services in the area. The lawn star family, as well as myself, look forward to working with you!

Zack Herron, grounds supervisor & crew leader

Zack has been with the Lawn Star team since day one. He brings passion, hard work, and knowledge to the table. We wouldn't be in the position we are in today without him. 

Zack also started his landscaping career at an early age. From maintaining the lawn and landscape for his family's properties to working as a full-time ground supervisor at a highly acclaimed golf course.

Zack has proven to be a tremendous crew leader. Through his hard work and leadership skills, he pushes our team to their maximum potential at all times.

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